Extra-curricular activities…

Me and Sabine have both been itching to travel, and so we’ve been kicking around ideas for where we want to go after we finish our degrees. This morning we came up with a really exciting idea: a world tour of learning.

Basically, each station on our way around the world would be a place where we want to learn something. We were already discussing getting a driver’s license in Massachusetts, USA (because I have family there and it’s much easier than it is here or in Israel), and we have also been thinking of spending some time in Israel in which I could learn Arabic and Sabine could learn Hebrew. We might also, for example, go to learn how to cook a proper curry somewhere in India, learn to tango in Argentina… Who knows what else we might come up with.

Of course, we’ll also have to work somehow at most stations on the way, to fund the next leg of the trip… But every job would be a learning opportunity.

We’re thinking of what we can make out of this idea… It might also be something we want to blog about and publicize, to attract attention to all the non-traditional ways a person can learn in today’s world. It’ll be a while before we can start (we each have at least a year left for our degree) but I imagine I’ll be posting more as our plans develop.

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  1. Just because I was there and saw the commercial and because it is a wonderful place: you can go learn to be a mahoot (an elephant trainer) for 2 or 3 days and get a certificate in Lampang, Thailand, where you’d stay with the elephants for all that time.
    I’ll write about Lampang tomorrow in my blog.

    Another idea: learn overtone singing in Mongolia or the place the Tuvans live. :)

    Greetings from Kunming,
    – André

  2. That sounds like a very cool way of touring the world. I look forward to reading about it!

    It somewhat reminds me of how my friend Darlene (an alternative educator here in PT) toured various schools in Europe on a sabbatical last year. Her travel blog is here http://dqjourney.edublogs.org/ and my personal favorite was the LARP-based boarding school. :-)

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