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   1.  Finally learned something… Blog retiring.
   2.  [Video/Music] Words of freedom, words of hope
   3.  [Video] Sudbury Jerusalem promo, now with English subtitles!
   4.  Democratic schools and social gaps
   5.  Back in the Middle East
   6.  What are the ingredients of democratic culture?
   7.  Thoughts about: the role of staff in Sudbury schools
   8.  Was der Deutsche nicht kennt / Ignorance and bris
   9.  Politics is not for everyone – even in a direct democracy
   10.  Moriel Rothman: “10 Things I Really Like About Living in Israel”
   11.  I now blog in Hebrew, too
   12.  [Videos] Invisible Learning and a Sudbury Jerusalem promo
   13.  State oppression and universalistic nationalism
   14.  Desmond Tutu calls for divestment; some thoughts
   15.  My “Tirade Against Exams”
   16.  Gideon Levy: “After 115 years, it’s time for Zionism to retire”
   17.  Thoughts about: knowledge, science, culture, and reality
   18.  Parents swap roles with kids, discover humiliation of parental attitude
   19.  Reading problems on Internet Explorer
   20.  Preparing to succeed
   21.  Ignore the young
   22.  Linguistics on Stack Exchange!
   23.  A modest proposal: debate arguments, not motives
   24.  [Video] The History of English in 10 Minutes
   25.  Three-quarters two
   26.  Redesign!
   27.  [Video/TED] Paddy Ashdown: The global power shift
   28.  What has to be said – and who has to say it
   29.  Sweden’s gender-neutral pronoun goes official
   30.  [Video] Quick Steve Jobs wisdom
   31.  Lenz on Learning: “What grades are good for”
   32.  Everything’s political
   33.  Chris Hedges: “Murder is not an Anomaly in War”
   34.  Read my thesis online
   35.  New blog discovered: the “because” charade
   36.  There’s a genocide going on in Syria?
   37.  See the good in video games: just like in books
   38.  Book Review: The Source, by James A. Michener (1965)
   39.  Word Thieves
   40.  Peter Gray on Video Games
   41.  Commenting restricted
   42.  Words cannot express this shame
   43.  Semi-electives: a university paradox
   44.  On self-definition and basic decency
   45.  Slides: my BA thesis analysis
   46.  Save Google Reader
   47.  Anti-Germans as anti-Semites
   48.  Solidarity: for all or none at all; Colonialism: still here
   49.  Having problems posting comments?
   50.  Guest post: Our immoral economies (Bjarne Braunschweig)

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