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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how, where, and with whom I share interesting links I find. I first realized that sharing mainly on Facebook doesn’t make so much sense, since things I share there only reach my relatively list of friends, and only some of them are interested in each of the different topics that interest me. I’ve also started realizing that sharing links on Google Reader (which I do a lot) has basically the same problem (except worse, since I have 40 instead of 400 followers.)

Many of the things I want to share I want to share because I want to help make them public and spread. Since I’ve started using Twitter a lot lately, I guess Twitter is a good venue for this; links reach more people and can spread through Twitter’s huge, globe-spanning network. Of course, like all things Twitter, they easily get drowned out in the never-ending feed.

Of course there’s this blog of mine right here, but it’s too much work to blog all those links. I have to explain what it is I’m posting and why, and I read more than I could do that for.

But I might set up a separate feed for links, using Tumblr or something. Would anyone reading this be interested in that? Would anyone follow it?

Any other ideas?

One thought on “Sharing links”

  1. Yes, you do share a lot! ;) For me personally Google Reader is the best, although i always need to skip lots of shares in hebrew, but that’s alright. In Google reader i can read it when i take my time and i can read the articles within google reader and there’s no need to go to another site compared to external links as on twitter or facebook, as far as i know.

    I think that a blog with single categories, so that you could read only the ones you are interested in, which directs them to twitter or something like that would be great, but i imagine it to be alot of work ;)

    Anyway, keep it up, your blog posts and shares (as well as your the blog posts by guests ;) are always highly appreciated Michael!


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