And then it hit me

There I was again, thinking about how ridiculous the concept of a “delegitimization campaign” against Israel is. How I’ve never seen any talk of it amongst those who are allegedly involved. How it must be paranoid fear or some kind of conspiracy that causes hasbaraniks and politicians to keep going on about it.

And then it hit me. Could it be? Could it be that there actually is a delegitimization campaign? One that I’ve actually been involved in without realizing it, however marginal my role? Maybe they were right all along?

Of course there’s a delegitimization campaign going on. It’s been an idea for years and has become more and more real, and the BDS movement is a central part of it. In fact, I am proud to say that in my writing here and in discussions on Facebook over the past year or two I have played a role in the delegitimization campaign. Okay, actually I’ve done almost nothing, myself. Still, it’s working.

But I’m not talking about the delegitimization of Israel. I think, like most, that Israel has a right to exist, just like any other country whose people choose to exist as a country.

No, the target of the delegitimization is the Occupation. Yes, we lefties, and sometimes the human rights organizations we support, are trying to show the world that the Occupation of the Palestinian Territories is not a legitimate enterprise. We do not want the world to forget what atrocities are involved in our government’s probably illegal and most certainly immoral policy of disrupting Palestinian life on all levels and using cheap tricks to steal more and more Palestinian land for settlements, cheap tricks which are pretty expensive for all of us in the end.

There’s no arguing whether or not we’re trying to delegitimize something. In fact, I doubt the hasbaraniks even fail to recognize that the target is the Occupation. It’s just that to them, the Occupation is an integral part of our country’s existence. They want this to go on for ever. Those bastards!

To anyone who is offended by that: please ask yourself one question — do you think the Occupation should be maintained as it is? If not, don’t be offended. Just realize that the Occupation is not legitimate, but otherwise Israel is. If it’s any less legitimate than it could be, it’s because of the Occupation.

This is a fact. It was a matter of time until the world started to show its annoyance over this illegitimate Occupation regime. The left did not make this happen. The human rights NGOs certainly didn’t make it happen, they were just enough of a mentsh to give some Palestinians legal help or catalog human rights violations (which we would be very grateful of, if only we were the victims).

If this movement’s role was in revealing an existing reality to the world, then it would have happened sooner or later, and revealing the truth is hardly the biggest of sins.

The Occupation, on the other hand, is an ongoing massive sin by any standard that can be named “morality.” It is not legitimate, it probably never was, and the sooner it ends the better off we’ll all be. If any shred of Israeli legitimacy remains, we have to hasten that day as much as we can, and start building up a peaceful future together with Israel’s neighbors. It’s that, or eternal occupation, or start building death camps. Choose your own adventure.

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