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Udi Aloni, writing on Ynet (Hebrew here, no English available so far English on Mondoweiss) opines about a new racist rabbinical text from the makers of the letter against renting to Arabs. This time, the scoundrels are actually complaining that most rabbis aren’t hardcore enough to participate in the end-goal of setting up death camps and exterminating “Amalek.

I’ll let that sink in for a second.

This is an open call to commit genocide against the Palestinians. A call to gather millions of people into camps and murder every last one of them. This call could be more transparent, for sure, but it was written for the religious nationalist right, and to them it is clear who “Amalek” is.

There’s a caveat: the article provides no source for this claim. Hopefully, it’s a lie with no grain of truth to it. Unfortunately, I doubt Ynet would publish the piece without minimal fact-checking.

I can’t say this surprises me. But with the current way the wind is blowing, this should be a cause for serious worry.

UPDATE (Jan 13): The Slippery Slope folks have posted this PDF link to the publication. The relevant text is an unsigned op-ed. This is no hoax. However, seeing the original text now I can imagine the relevant passage possibly being intended in a less-than-concrete sense. Which of course doesn’t mean that nobody will think it’s a call to genocide. Many will.

UPDATE (Jan 14): Udi Aloni’s piece is now up in English on Mondoweiss.

One thought on “Do unto others”

  1. It’s still a disastrous comment.

    “I wonder if they will leave the concentration of Amalek in camps for others to do, or whether they will decree they the extermination of Amalek is no longer relevant”.

    This text clearly defines weak (the “career rabbies”) and as such, what is “the dirty work” that they will leave for others: concentrating Amalek in camps and killing them. It is stated as a prediction of genocide rather than a call for it. So legally it’s not clear whether the writer should be jailed or not. But leaving the penal system aside for a moment, this writer is seriously contemplating the “necessity” of putting people in concentration cams and slaughtering them. I can imagine a hundred other (better) examples for a “dirty work” from which a coward would refrain. Of all things, why is this guy suggesting that our “dirty work” is to slaughter people in camps???

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